Retevis RT45 PMR Radio Walkie Talkie 2 pcs PMR PMR446 FRS Handy Two-Way Radio Communicator Family Walkie-Talkie Walkie-talkies (Hot Price #4m Sep 2020 )

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Product Specification
    • Brand Name RETEVIS
    • Battery Capacity(mAh) 1950
    • Origin CN(Origin)
    • Is_Display Yes

Product Description


Those coming home from abroad, are being asked to be quarantined in their homes.Walkie talkies will give you instant communication, but also allow you to social distance yourself.



You can communicate with your neighbors with a walkie talkie,As long as your neighbors are all on the same channel and within range, you can still continue to patrol your neighborhood. Making sure to continue to keep everyone updated and safe.




As schools are closing, children are stuck at home away from their friends. Your kids may begin to get restless and bored. You can keep the kids entertained and allow them to talk to their neighborhood friends through walkie talkies.



Notice:  People in european countries,like Spain,Poland,France,Germany,Russia,Ukraine,Belarus should use the PMR446 version,But people in USA and Canada should use the FRS version.If you do not know how to choose,pls contact us before placing the order.


Retevis RT45 PMR Radio Mini PMR Walkie Talkie 2 pcs 0.5W PMR446 PMR 446 FRS 462MHz VOX Two-Way Radio Walkie-Talkie Talkie Walkie



Legal Lisence-free Two Way Radio

No legal issue and additional frequency useage fees. Whether you are in the company or at home, outdoors or indoors, you can freely communicate with your friends at any time. 

Note: PMR Radio is lisence-free for Europe,FRS is for USA and Canada.




Exquisite Workmanship,Concise Compact Design

It adopts environment-friendly anti-fall ABS+TPE material, concise grey-white collocation, rounded corner design and reasonable key layout, which can bring you a smooth and comfortable feel.


Easy Pairing,Instant Communication

①: Select the same channel and the same privacy code through the menu button, then hold down the PTT to call the companions, and share the real-time road conditions and the scenery along the way.

②: Compatible with Motorola series PMR radios and other PMR radios.



Visual LCD Display With Backlit

Navigation menu and LCD display are good for novice and you can press the menu button an cycle through channel options, privacy options, and sound settings.



Convenient Micro USB Charge

Micro USB charging port design provides more charging options and convenience. When you travel outside, you can easily charge your two way radios through mobile power or car.



Support Earphone Hands-free Operation,Liberate Your Hands

Turn on the VOX function, wear matching headphones, and activate the microphone to transmit signals through voice.



Dual Power Options

RT45 supports not only AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, but also AA alkaline batteries. Don't worry about the problem that the original battery is broken and can't continue to use.



Bright LED Flashlight

The top flashlight can bring light to you in dark nights or in some emergencies.


Room Monitor/Audio Baby Monitor

Turn on the room monitor and put the listening radio next to the sleeping child. Then you take monitoring radio radio to work in the yard or talk to your neighbor. When your child makes a sound, you can receive it at the first time.




How would you use it?

Keep in touch with your friend or your family during Outdoor Activities: like a trip,a hike, or a funny weekend camping in the countryside.

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retevis-RT45-参数图PMR PackagePMR Package (2)FRS--包裹图

Package includes:

  • 2 x RT45 Two Way Radio
  • 2 x Belt Clip
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x AC Adapter(Note:the PMR version not include the adapter)
  • 6 x 650mAh AA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 x RT45 User Manual



Q1: What's the difference between TLKR T50 and Retevis RT45 ?

A1:(1)They are made in the same factory, with similar appearance and the same high quality.

(2) RT45 PMR version supports the latest 16 channels, but TLKR T50 only has 8 channels.
(3) TLKR T50 has Auto Power Off function, but RT45 does not support it.

Q2: What's the difference between Room Monitor and VOX?

A2:The same is that when the walkie-talkie detects the voice signal, it automatically sends out the signal. The difference is that the radio is not able to receive any transmissions in Room Monitor state.But in VOX state,it is able to receive the transmissions.


Q3: Does the PMR version include adapters?

A3:No,only the FRS version include the adapter.


Q4: Do you have instructions in Russian?

A4:So far, we have instructions in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Russian instructions are being translated and produced.


Q5: If I buy two sets or more , can they match each other?

A5: Yes.First you should choose same frequency version.Then when you get the radios,change the settings through the navigation menu, and make all two way radios have the same channel and the same privacy code, then they can talk to each other.


Q6: Is RT45 compatible with Motorola PMR/FRS GMRS radio?

A6:Yes. RT45 PMR version is compatible with Motorola series PMR radios and other brand PMR radios. RT45 FRS version is compatible with Motorola series FRS GMRS radios and other brand FRS radios.


Q7: How to scan channels?

A7: Shortly press the MON key to open the scanning and press once again to exit the scanning. Long Press MON key to open instantaneous Monitoring.

Q8: Have it vibrate?
A8: No,it only has the sound call reminder.
Q9: How about the talk range?

A9 : Talk range is subject to terrain and conditions.The fewer obstacles, the farther the call distance.Usually it can up to 1.2Km in the city,up to 3Km in the open area.

Any question,pls contact us anytime.We are always here to help you.

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